This is the part where I laugh hysterically. Maybe maniacally.

There will be more writing forthcoming, but at the moment nothing is concrete enough to put here. I’d prefer not to do that until I have more information for you.

These unfortunately have to be worked in between my ridiculous day job (why did I get one of those? What bills?) and my less ridiculous riding hobby, which keeps me in shape.

Someday I may have the luxury of devoting all of my time to writing, but until then… that horse isn’t gonna pay its own board.

Here’s a new update for 2017 since I’ve been terrible at updating my own website (this is normal. I do respond quickly to emails, for those wondering):

I’ve decided to rewrite several of the books I was working on, because sometimes my muse deserts me entirely. I’ve also started more books than any human can possibly hope to complete. They are at various stages of completion. But they’re being written. Thank you for your patience! More is coming!