Okay, that’s actually a pretty lame title for a blog post – because let’s face it, I suck at making titles for things. Anything, really.

I had this big long blog post written up, sort of a rant I guess (I’m not sure I ever actually REALLY rant about things, but I was definitely going on and on), and in reading over it I finally just sighed and hit delete.

What was I ranting about?

Fuck if I know. Everything. Nothing. The way people treat each other. The way we interact with each other. The fact that the holiday season is here and a large vocal part of our country wants to celebrate a season of goodwill by NOT helping those in need.

I dunno. Stuff like that.

Add to it, my neighbors have just put up what I like to call Military God Santa and now I am in a crappy mood.

Yes, it’s what it sounds like. It is, literally, a 12-foot tall inflatable Santa dressed in camouflage holding a ‘God Bless America’ sign. Every morning on my way out to my car I wish I had a pea shooter so I could just ‘ptoo’ real quick and deflate the bastard. I have nothing against our military, anyone’s god, or Santa. Not even remotely – I respect them all. I just get irritable when I see them all displayed in one gigantic plastic blow-up-doll icon next to a ‘Trump 2016’ sign on the lawn, I guess.

Anyhow, I don’t actually have a point today. Not one I can articulate in less than an hour. So can I just say – it’s the holidays. Stop thinking about how YOU PERSONALLY have been wronged, and just go do something nice for someone else. Seriously. You’ll feel a lot better.

It doesn’t have to be big. You don’t even have to spend money. Just do something nice. Hell, SAY something nice to someone you wouldn’t normally say anything to at all. Make a difference in someone’s day. Don’t be a jerk. Okay? That’s pretty much it.

Right, and have a Happy Thanksgiving.