Apparently yesterday was National Taco Day. Am I alone in not knowing such a day even existed? How did we wind up with National Taco Day? I feel like I should be wearing an ‘I ❤ TACOS’ t-shirt or something. And what happened to Taco Tuesday? Didn’t they get the LEGO memo?

In honor of National Taco Day (and because I decided to wonder where the heck the taco actually came from, anyway), I dug up this article about it. Don’t worry. I didn’t spend THAT much time digging. But it was pretty interesting, anyhow.

I didn’t realize the taco is a relatively new food, historically speaking. That was pretty cool. Being an avid cook (and, ergo, diner), I do like to read up on food history. I’ll admit, I’m not a big Mexican (or even Tex-Mex) fan, so I’ve never looked any of it up.

Anyhow, happy National Taco Day!