So yeah, I’ve been a little distracted this week. I’ve recently adopted an ex-racehorse and she’s taking up a LOT of time. Happy time, of course. Doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten about writing, though! Someone on Twitter had suggested writing short stories in order to get a feel for or set the tone for an upcoming novel, and since I’d actually been chatting with a friend recently about wanting to write a few little shorts, it seemed serendipitous.

In bits and pieces this week, working around baby horse training and that infernal ‘job’ thing I’m supposed to do to make money, I’ve written a little bitty short story that I will be posting here sometime this weekend. I’m excited about it. It was a lot of fun to write and it hopefully gives a little glimpse into the urban fantasy novel I’ve been working on and the world I’ve built for it.

I’ll post an update when it’s ready but I wanted to at least say yes – I’m alive and breathing and my life has been blissfully full of horse things. Yeah – there’s absolutely going to be a horse, or several horses, in an upcoming story.